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County Fair Entrants?

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We went to our county fair today, there wasnt too many animals, but next year I would like to be a part of it next year. I was thinking it would be neat to bring some pygmy goats, miniature donkeys, and some ducks. Has anybody done this? Whats usually involved? I think it would be cool to show people my animals, and answer questions about them, etc.
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contact the fair board and talk to them. Usually the animals are there for viewing by the public because they are being shown and judged. Perhaps you could show your animals.
It just depends on the fair. Most county fairs here are 4H fairs, and the exhibits are from 4H kids. BUT the larger fairs have open class shows after the 4H stuff goes home. It sounds like you could stock a petting exhibit at the fair and that would be up to the fair board. Talk to them.
We have some 4H and some other stuff. The 4H stuff is marked with a 4H deal. There is also some FFA stuff. I will call well in advance for next year and see how it works, what I want to do, etc. If it all is 4h, the neighboring county fair is much bigger, the city that its in is the size of our whole county. Its only 25 miles away. Is residence a problem? For non-competition? Showing would be nice too, I will have to do some investigating well before the fair next year. Thanks
Again it varies from fair to fair. Our county has open class for ladies stuff but not for animals. A fair about 60 miles north of us which is the third largest county fair in the nation, has open livestock shows after the 4H is done and these are open to whosoever will come.
The open shows there includes all sorts of exhibits. And these come from many other counties
Most fairs have an office or association that runs them. Often around here, they are volunteer boards from the community surrounding the fair.

The fairs I've been to and checked about showing often have a sheet of rules, a schedule book with classes of show, etc. It might be good to look up your fair in the phonebook or on the web and see if they can send you anything. Is their a sponsoring organization for your fair?

We have showed animals and vegetables at acouple of local fairs, the rules vary from fair to fair but it is fun!

Some animals tire of it easily, others take to it and love all the attention!
(The vegetables don't seem to care, though.)

My favorite exhibitions are the things people make, quilts, crafted one of a kind items, jams, jellies, (got to get in on the judging of those, I think) and, of course, the pie baking contests!

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here in sw wisconsin there are open classes for adults and junior classes. our kids have shown for a few years, but we aren't this september. folks take it VERY seriously in this farming community, with school being out for the first friday of fair, and other times kids having to miss for a day or two before, with no problem.

we have friends who have had animals get sick and die after the fair. while ours haven't gotten sick, and the animals are supposed to be healthy, you are exposing your animals to a whole range of stuff that they have not necessarily been around before. then, the fairs each have different rules. our chickens and ducks are tended to by the fair folks and you get in trouble if you try to give your birds more water when they are out. they try to not give the ducks much because they are messy. then you have the small pens the livestock are in. we, frankly, feel guilty having them cooped up, because here they have to be here for the entire fair. you can't bring them in to show and then take them home the next day. also, here you are required to actually go show the animal if you bring it. it can't just sit in the pen, and this means learning the proper way to show, etc. it also takes a big committment of carrying food there,and being there every day to care for them. we take water because they don't drink the city water, so this is more schlepping. but the kids have enjoyed having a purpose there and working hard to show off their animals. it wears me out driving into town every day to do chores...after doing the chores we already have here.
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I'd be really concerned about bringing something home to the rest of my animals. I'm planning to breed my orloffs, but think I'll just sell to others who want to show and not take a chance myself.
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