Cost of Jerseys

Discussion in 'Cattle' started by willow_girl, Oct 31, 2005.

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    Yes ... there are a lot of variables that affect the price!

    If you're in the market to buy, PLEASE make sure the cow has a negative Johne's test ... even if you have to pay for it yourself. As the song says, "Don't ask me how I know ..." :(
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    Mar 15, 2005
    I am no expert by any means, but I can tell you what I know...We raise and milk registered Jerseys..Our first milk cow was a 3 year old registered Jersey...she was 7 months into lactation...Got her from a dairy...She was pregnant by a top bull with the AJCA-Windy Willow Montana Jace...Very gentle and broke to lead...
    They deliveried her to our farm and had the registeration papers changed...we paid $1400.00 for her...a GREAT deal...we have been offer $2000 for her heifer calf...and $3000 for her...not selling though...We had quite a time finding just the right cow...most want to sell off their culls and problem cows...Do some looking and a talking...check with any dairies around you...good luck...WE LOVE OUR COWS...she will have another calf somewhere around the 16th of Nov....MissKItty

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    Reigstered will bring more than grade. A grade heifer calf (to start at a price), is about 200-300.00 (im talking 3-5 months). A Jersey heifer that is registered ranges from 500-2000+ for a 2-3 month old. For a yearling the price would be around 600-700 for grade, possibly 800.00. For a 2 year old in mind, id say 1200, and for a 3yr old? The price shouldn't be terribly higher. Now that is for grade. For registered, a 2 yr old in milk would go for 1800-2000+. For 3 yr old, if she has been classified, and depending what she was classified, but assuming she is run of the mill 70's, or so. She would probably go for 2000-2500.00. What I meant by classification for 3yr old, if she was some cow that was scored Excellent, its going to be astronomical. So keep in mind if they are registered, what they are classified. Because it could help with price, also the cows bloodline.

    It is tough to price, because region to region, the prices can differ.

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    I know NZ and US prices have nothing in common, but as for methods of buying - I was able to get ours at a good price here from a dairy farmer disposing of his herd, which I found out about just by asking around the neighbourhood and waiting until this sale came up rather than buying the first animal available (incidently, I paid $480 each for in-calf 2nd calvers)
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    I just picked up two Jersey heifers one open yearling 675.00, one seven month old 475.00 and a six month old Gurnsey heifer 375.00. When they are ready to breed, I will breed them to my Dexter bull and they will each be worth 1000.00 to 1500.00. After they come fresh they may be worth more. Hope this helps.
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    This was perfect. Thanks for all the info. I appreciate it.