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Got the scales out, relatively accurate.

Out of my Original Breeders (had 20 but lost 1) My heaviest is 12 ounces and the lightest (a cock) 5.

They came from two different breeders.
The heavy ones are from one guy and the lighter the other.

Though One of the cocks and a hen from the smaller size batch are comparable in size to the heavies.

Out of my older chicks they are pretty uniform in size and weigh in at a Impressive 4 onzs!

They should be laying 2nd week of December. and still roughly 4 more weeks to grow out and hit that eight week mark.

At which point we will surely be having the excess males for Dinner.

Next week I will be ordering my egg cartons and stickers with the Farm name and the contents of the carton.
The cartons are plastic tri fold and hold a dozen.
I included a picture of the Label sticker (address blanked out)

OK so now a question to you other quail keepers.

Starting with such a small flock but a high male female ratio, from two different sources would you back breed to the Original males or breed to potential siblings?

I'm going to put some of the biggest hens in to bring up the female ratio
in that group. Or I need to cull the smaller males.

But that would screw up my plans to raise Corturnix that are adept at flying.


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