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Corrugated metal roof on a shelter logic frame

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Hi all,
I’m sure someone has already asked. But I have not found the thread.
I have a 20x12 shelter logic tarp shed. As is normal the tarp trashed.
I am thinking of just skinning it with corrugated galvanized roof panels.
Has any tried to just screw the roofing directly to the frame without using 2x4 stringers?
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I look at it this way you pay about 700 for the entire shelter logic shelter with frame and tarp

your going to easily spend that in just steel to cover your frame and have no idea the durability of it

so if you think rather than 700 for the shelter that lasts X years if I spend XXXX on the wood to frame this out right and put steel on it I have a shelter that needs screws in 30-40 years and is good for another 30-40 after that

how much do you want to keep putting into temporary shelters or is it time to build a post frame
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my father in law bought one of those little tin garden sheds many years ago , wanted help putting it together.

While the Sgt. was a fine Marine , not a mechanical bone in his body not a one .

never ever again , what a nightmare , I could have cut the lumber and framed and sheeted and roofed an entire shed that I didn't have to duck to get into in less time than that stupid thing took messing with all those stupid little nuts and bolts.
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