Corn Planter Update.

Discussion in 'Shop Talk' started by james dilley, Dec 4, 2006.

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    Mar 21, 2004
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    I was able to get the Axle smoothed down Again. And I 'll get the pin drilled out. Soon. But I Am hoping to have it back together again in A week or two.The only thing I Am finding out is the Thread lenth on the Axle was 3/4 of A inch on each end. But theres only 1/4 of A inch in the side the threads are broke on. But the pins will still line up to hold the Axle true. From dry fitting it looks like. Any ideas?? The Axle has been my whole hold up so far..
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    Nov 28, 2005
    One option would be to cut the end with the short threads off, then weld a replacement stub on that with a correct threaded end. The key to doing this is to grind the axle and the mating stub shaft such that you are welding down into a V all the way around the mating shafts. The difficulty will be to keep rotating shaft on a flat surface so that entire assembly is true when completed. Skilled machinists or Blacksmiths are capable of this if necessary.

    Another option would be to locate and purchase a used replacement axle from an ag salvage yard from a like machine.

    The quick and easy solution is to drill cotter pin out, then reassemble the entire system. Tighten nut to the appropriate place where it would be IF you had the original 3/4" of threads...Then...Reach INSIDE nut with the tip of welding rod, and weld inside threaded portion of nut to the outer end of broken off axle shaft. This, of course, will mean you cannot take the assembly apart for future repairs without cutting welded nut off axle and going back to the first option mentioned above. However, the Corn Planter may perform just fine and the assembly may hold long beyond the usable life of the rest of the machine on an older planter!

    Good Luck getting your corn in. Planting Corn in January :) Texas Farming never ceases to Amaze Me!