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Supplying the corn for the amout of heat required sometime is to expensive.

Something to look into if you have to buy corn.

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Corn is cheap right now. So are wood pellets.

Friend just installed a pellet stove designed to burn wood pellets but can be used with corn once the heat cycle is started. It required electricity to operate so is useless in a power outage.

He says it works well when running, silent, puts out a lot of heat, runs off a thermostat like a furnace. He claims it is supposed to run all winter on a ton and a half of wood pellets at $90 per ton.

On the other hand, it has no heat sink and cools off quickly once the thermostat cuts it off. Does not come on again until the house cools so you cannot back up to it and get warm if you are coming in out of the cold.

He has always before cut his own wood and heated with a wood burner. I think he may regret the change if pellet prices go up.
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