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    I copied this post from Countryside families. Multi ? wrote it and I know that everyone who reads this Veterans forum will be able to understand exactly how she is feeling. Perhaps some will even have some words of encouragement for her. Even though I was in Nam as a nurse I still shook myself to sleep knowing my children were on their way to war in the Middle east. Most of my children are now home safe and those who are not home are still doing well. My relief is almost complete...but for others the fear is just beginning.

    Our son left for his Iraq tour yesterday...big ceremony at Jeff City with lots of dignitaries,lots of hot air but when their units brigadier general broke down in tears sending them off that did it for us. Andrew is our youngest and the child that we have shared the most with probably as he's been our"only child"--at home for the last 10 years with siblings grown and gone.... plus we'd homeschooled him since kindergarten. It has always been his desire to make the military his career and in a short year and a half has already been promoted three times; has been working at Fort Leonard Wood. He volunteered to go with this group so as to be with people he knew. The house is lonely, his cat keeps going to his door and scratching to get in. My best buddy is gone...the kid who loves to go to sci-fi movies with his mom, beat her at Monopoly,take MN runs to get junk food with me. The kid who will take my hand in Walmart's parking lot, kiss me hello or goodbye anywhere. The boy who makes the best stroganoff and spagetti and will cook 2-3 nites a week and clean up,too!! We just pray God keeps him safe and hope you will all keep him and his unit in your prayers and they will come home safely. We are so proud of him but our sorrow is deep. DEE

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