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    cooling more cheaply using a water tank


    I'm cross-posting this on "Alternative Energy" but its not really alternative, just conservation.

    I've got a heat pump and we air condition more months that we heat.


    Why couldn't I run my line in a loop that included passage througha LARGE iunderground tank of water - say a few thousand gallons? At night when it is cooler, I'd chill the water with an evaporator. During the day I could dump heat into the water reserviour before or after entering the condenser coils for more effecient cooling. Essentialy I'd store cheaper energy/cooling in the water.
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    Around here basically that's what you get with the heat pumps due to water table being high.

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    Mar 22, 2006
    Interesting idea, and similar to what I plan to do. I'd be interested to see a sketch of what you have in mind. My first reaction is that chilling the water at night would be a waste of time. Better to let the ambient underground temp keep the water cool. You're fighting a losing battle to try to reduce the temp further. Let the geothermal cooing do the work for you.

    My idea is fairly simple: pre-cool the AIR that goes through the condenser by running it through underground pipes. The coefficient of performance of a heat pump depends on the temperature diference you are trying to maintain. If the condenser sees 70 degree air going through it, rather than 90 degree air, it will use MUCH less power. In fact you can use a much smaller heat pump, so you save twice. And the best part is that it helps you in the winter as well, by pre-warming the air that goes through the outside unit, which is the evaporator in winter....

    What I'm suggesting is using this idea:

    Geothermal cooling

    But instead of using the cool air directly, (which can be humid and not cool enough if you live in the south) use that cool (or relatively warm in winter) air through the outside unit of your heat pump.

    FWIW am in the A/C biz, that's what brought me to Dubai. We do similar things for our customers here, but using different technology. It really works. Wanna know why nobody does this, as it's just so simple? Because then Carrier couldn't sell you such a big A/C unit.