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Discussion in 'Shop Talk' started by CarlaWVgal, Dec 20, 2004.

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    Jul 21, 2004
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    I need to know how to change my fireplace to accept a woodstove, if I'm saying that correctly. Right now we have a great river rock fireplace with and insert, and it just does not heat enough, we use it in spring/fall and power outages. I have a neighbor with a similar fireplace and he had a piece of sheet metal cut to cover the opening, set his woodstove on the floor and ran the flue through the sheet metal, and (I'm assuming) up the chimney.

    How safe would this be? He told me he had the metal bolted to the rocks, but what about the uneven face of the rocks and filling in the gaps? Would the flue be able to come strait out the back before going up? There is probably room for the flue to go up first before bending, but I wouldn't know until we started shopping and checking measurements. There is no other place in the house for a woodstove, not to mention the hassel of another chimney (2 story house). I want whatever we do to be able to be "undone" if we ever sell, since the fireplace is probably the best feature of the house, and I want it to be SAFE, and I don't know that my neighbor is too cautious ;) so I thought I would ask somewhere else too.

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    Feb 5, 2004
    What I would do would be to connect the stove pipe to the back of the stove and then run it all the way up the inside of the chimney. However, I am not an expert on this and maybe someone will give you better advice.

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    The chimney opening on older fireplaces is often too large for a woods stove. The larger opening requires longer to heat and create sufficient draft. Using the existing chimney may result in a smokey house. Check the instructions on the wood stove for proper chimney sizing or stop by a local fireplace store for guidance.
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    I used the sheet metal method and had someone bend and weld the fitting then sealed the front tight worked fine. Just make sure your woodstove outlet is low enough.

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    Mar 30, 2004
    on my grandmothers house, we took 2 pieces of 1"x1" angle iron and bolted upright on each side of the front of the firebox behind the face of the rock where it is straight to avoid having to fill the gaps in the uneveness of the rock. then we took a 1/4" piece of steel plate cut cut to fit pretty close on all sides and screwed that onto the angle irons after we cut the hole for the stove pipe and appled stove black to look nice. run the stove pipe through the hole into the firebox about 4" or so. make sure the damper is open on the existing flew. been working fine for over twenty years.
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    Inserts will put out heat but they require a blower. Does you insert have a blower and if so, is it working? Some earlier blowers were simple bladed fans and they were most inefficient. A squirrel cage fan is more suitable.