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  1. kidsngarden

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    Mar 24, 2006
    We've been letting the goats out in the woods (well their SUPPOSED to be in the woods clearing for us anyway!) but it has become and an issue with our chickens who we free-range by leaving the gate to thier pen open. Sure enough those goats are in there eating their feed. We also keep the feed bins with goat grain, rabbit alfalfa pellets and chicken feed in there.

    Well this had to stop or I was going to have a coronary! so last night my hubby cut a hole in the coop about 10 by fifteen inches or so to let the chickens get out, but not let the goats in. This morning I found two of the yearlings in there, and shooed them out the gate. An hour later I look out there and the queen goat and the two yearlings are in there with thier heads in the goat grain bin! Sure enough as I shooed them this time they went through that little hole! A Full grown Lamancha, a yearling alpine doe and a 5 month old Boer buck who's stomach is bigger than that hole!

    Put a board across the hole for now to make it smaller - boy are they disappointed!

  2. Sweet Goats

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    Nov 30, 2005
    It is amazing what hey can go through. :grump: I have a goat (was year old in Feb)that goes through our cat door. I need to take a picture of her with her head out the door, it really is a site to see. I made a big grain ben that is all wood, on the three sides (back goes to the wall) and a lid that is in hinges, that I can lock, that is the only way I can keep my goats out of our grain. :shrug: Good luck.

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    May 18, 2006
    WA St
    I know what you mean. My goats will shim thru the chicken door so I put a board across it diagonally. Now just the smallest kids can get thru along with the chickens. The goats can even figure out some of the bungies on the feed cans. go figure.
  4. Dee

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    May 11, 2002
    I enclosed an area for a kid feeder and found one goat will keep pushing until she gets through. Even gave her a shock from the electric fence I put up thinking she was jumping it but that didn't dissuade her either. Finally fixed it but the does will push thier heads through until they catch a part of the bowls and that's it. I put the bowls far enough in but the kids all climb on and push them around until the does get them. You would think they would want the kids to eat more to attack them less, wouldn't you?