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Considering Salve

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Making salve products fits perfectly with a homesteading sort of a lifestyle.

Salves are simple, basic and way less chemical-intensive than lotion-type products. You're much less likely to poison yourself with properly made salves.

Salves are mixtures of oils, butters and waxes. If you get the right proportions of each, you can get just the feel to the finished product that you want.

<a href=""><img src="" border="0" alt="making herbal salves" align="left" hspace="10"></a>We have a <a href="">book</a> that shows how to make salves easily. Click on the picture to the left! :D

You can incorporate herbs and essential oils into the products. You can even use aromatherapy principles in designing these salves.

Some of the ingredients can come from your own gardens or fields, or from those of a neighbor.

These products are used to treat all sorts of medical conditions too, and have been used this way for a long time.

Now consider lotions... Lotions are water and oil emulsions. When you mix water and oils you build the perfect medium for growing bacteria and other life forms. To prevent that from getting out of control, manufacturers of lotions MUST incorporate anti-microbial preservatives. Therein lies the problem. These preservatives then end up on your porous skin.

Is that a good thing? Many people don't think so.

  • So salves are simple products.
  • They are easy and inexpensive to make.
  • Making salves is fun.
  • They can be used as part of a healthy lifestyle approach.
  • Salves work like lotions, but without the chemical preservatives.
  • Lip balms are a form of salves and are they ever popular!
What's more...

People will buy salve products.

Consider making salves, especially if you already make soap!

Look at our book about making salves and lip balms.

It's a shortcut to success if you want to make salve products.

<a href="">Check it out here.</a>
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Note that governments, especially at the local and state levels, want you to get a license to sell most anything!

That's not too surprising. They also want you to have a certificate when you're born and another one when you die!

One, often simple, solution to the license issue is to get the license. There are other options as well.

Note also that if the seller of personal care items makes health claims for the product, the product is considered a "drug" - not good. The solution for that is to avoid ever making health claims for anything.

Salves might be regulated as cosmetics. Whether that is the case would depend on several issues. Soap products are mostly unregulated, with the exception of some possible label requirements.
Remember, this is the Vendor Display. I have permission to be here.

As a Vendor I am trying to post something that some might find interesting and informative, while I make an offer of something that I have for sale.

"Vendor Display This section is for Vendor to promote their products and services."
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Thank you for all the comments.

I've learned a lot from the reactions here!

Have you considered that all sorts of products are salve-like?

By that I mean these kinds of products are formulated just like hand salves are.


Furniture polish/cream.

Boot "grease".

Metal protection.

Even some car wax.

There are lots more...

So a "salve" isn't necessarily something you rub on yourself...

Income potential abounds...

for those with imagination...

who can market.
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