companion planting....Whoops!!!

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  1. Yesterday I planted 2 rows of green peas with the first row next to my row of green onions. Then last night I was probing around on this computer and ran across a thread about companion planting and it said to not plant your green peas next to your onions. :eek: So what will happen if I leave it that way? I just planted my onion sets the day before. I could pull them up and replant them although I don't have the rest of the garden ready to plant yet. Will it make that much difference? My rows are about 30 inches apart.
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    May 10, 2002

    I know that onions like poppies. I hate wasting space, so I sprinkled poppy seeds over the onion starts, one year, and the ones that had poppies over them grew the biggest!!!

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    No problem. At 30 inches between the rows, they are barely in the same neighborhood! The problem would come only if they were planted virtually together in the same row. Then the peas and onions would be competing for the same nutrients. Even then, it would be no disaster other than reduced harvest from both.

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    r.h. in okla.....Don't sweat it! They'll be just fine....companion planting has lots of merit, but it doesn't mean you can't grow plants without it! They'll do just fine. I've grown onions and peas together before....and it's an easy thing to do because the planting times are goes on.....kathrynlmv