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Comfrey Salve Recipe, Anyone?

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Anyone have a pretty easy, tried-and-true recipe for comfrey salve to pass along? Any other ways to use comfrey are welcomed - my plants are huge, and I'd like to use them.
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It clots blood fast- use the leaves as a compress. I've been told that those that used swords had a lot of comfrey plants :)

As a salve or facial mud we just put ours in the blender with enough pure water to make a strong paste. Fresh is best IMO.

We grow a lot and have outdoor tubs and my favorite way to relax is to put that and some borage in with 6 inches of hot water, pull out the leaves after a while with a strainer and then fill the tub the rest of the way.

~Michael in Boise
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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