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Colt 45 vs Sprinfield Armory 45 , Quality ?

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..............Paid a visit to my local gun store today and was perusing the 45's as I always do . The had six different pistols on display representing four different mfgers , Taurus , Colt , one I forgot but it was the Lowest $ , and Springfield . The low$ was $529 and the high was $925 . Two Colts :eek:ne blue for $599 and a Stainless at $729(I'm not sure a bout this number). Next , two S.Arm. , one very nice stainless(the one I'll probably purchase) @ $899 and another stainless @ $925 . Not sure what the difference betwen these two is , I should have asked . I spent abount an hour with all four of these pistols just working their mechanicals , my very superficial conclusions are , that , the S.Ar's seem to be a higher quality product than the Colts . Plus , they just "Looked" better , you know the feeling you get looking at a Beamer(BMW) vs a Ford . I'll admit I'm not gun sophisticated so feel free to critique as necessary , I promise I won't send any a nasty PM . I welcome any info anyone would care to offer up , Esp. about Springfield Armory products . , thanks , fordy:)
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I agree that Kimber currently makes the best 1911 at a reasonable price. Kimbers are slightly more expensive than Springfield Armory, but about the same as a Colt. Kimber 1911's are 100% made by Kimber in the USA. Some 1911 manufacturers scavenge parts here and there from other, including foreign manuafacturers, and make a "hodge-podge" 1911.
..............So , You'd rate Kimber #1 , Springfield #2 , and Colt #3 , in terms of quality and workmanship ? , fordy
Of those three brands, I'd go Kimber, Colt, SA (remember, SA is NOT the same company as the old Springfield Armory).

The best (and most expensive) 1911s are made by Wilson Combat, Dan Wesson and Ed Brown....but we're talking prices in excess of $2,000.
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