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colored florescent sleeves ???

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does anyone know if theres any sleeves out there to turn normal florescent bulbs(4ft or 8 ft) into the proper color spectrum to promote growth or flowering ? ---maybe a cheap way to pick up fixtures people aren't wanting anymore and using crap bulds & yet still have the proper growth colors --then swap plastic tubes for the flowering stages :)
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yeah I was sorta hoping a vendor would see the post --or maybe someone would create such a product :) then theyd be a vendor :) hehehehe
yeah them LED are awesome ---and in my opinion fairly green-tech since they last so long it keeps a lotta other bulbs outta the trash ---its just around me I see the old type florescent fixtures in trashcans at jobsites all over the place --I bet I coulda picked up 250 of the 4 footer fixtures in the last few weeks if I wnted too----so I was thinking if people could find them free near them ---a colored sleeve dded to free lights makes for nice deal :) & ws wondering if they are on market anywhere --the sleeves that is :)
that's so much bull**** ! ! ! grrr
I clicked that link :) it opens :) I look at a few links there :) (all still happy at this point :) ---UNTIL I notice the title of the search ---florescent light buld sleeves ----:( this is where I get pissed off -----I TYPES EXACTLY THAT IN MY SEARCH & GOT NO VIABLE LINKS --hence why I started this link here in the first place ---ow wait yall it gets better :) ---I "convince" myself I musta typed something in wrong in the search ----so I type in exactly what it shows on that links search ---and I get nothing again --- I swear when it comes to the internet I couldn't find moisture if I was underwater sometimes
by the way il be afk a bit looking at the link farmer provided :) ---thnx big time :)
im in no way mad at you --only upset at how bad my internet searching is ussualy
interesting little sidenote that I had pondered but didn't know how to word it in my original question about this -----
I contacted one of the manufactureres and they informed me that in order to adjust a red bulb sleeve or a blue one to "A certain color" it all changes between diferent bulb manufacturers and such --because diferent bulb manufacturers use diferent glasses ,thicknesses, inside chemicals, electrical parts & so many other thngs --that theres no way to say their sleeve would provide a certain light ---but I was free to buy diferent ones and return any ones that didn't provide the color spectrum I was aiming at for just the shipping charges
so im guessing this was a waste of all our time :( --- other than at least my idea that diferent bulbs would provide diferent spectrums even with the same exact sleeve applied to each of them :( BLAH :(
yeah id be way wway better just buying the natural light bulbs & even the newer pricier ones than my original idea of colored sleeves --just because id have to keep trying bulb&sleeve combos --untili found the light spectrum I was looking for ---isn't worth all that time and expence to save a few bucks on fre elight fixtures from construction projects
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