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Rain in the morning. cloudy until afternoon yesterday. this morning, the sun is out and all is clear. The wren is singing as loud as possible. i pulled some weeds already….well, it’s getting late in the morning but i wasn’t up until 8. gotta get that last boat ready for planting tomatoes. actually, those weren’t weeds; they were mostly dandelions but the roots are so small, i’m not gonna bother with trying to dry them. but the plants will make good green compost. black flies in my face and i had pulled up a catnip plant and transplanted it. one stem was too long and i squashed it and rubbed it on my face and arms. it seems to work! the buzzers buggered off just a bit. the cure is always right around you…..

anyway, yesterday, i planted a whole bunch of seeds: borage and chamomile and coriander and basil. and mixed up that potting soil in the old bathtub. put a good amount of wood ash in and hope it’s not too much. i don’t think so, though. the clay and peat is plenty acid. too many mice in the greenhouse. after catching the chipmunk, i’ve caught 3 mice in traps, too. and the squirrel is gonna have an encounter with the rat trap if it keeps coming in. too much destruction from rodents! two little apple tree seedlings dead because of that chipmunk. anyway, gotta get back out there and get to work. may have to water onions today; it’s gonna be a sizzler.

The article above is from a WordPress blog that my Mom recently started. If you are interested in reading more you can check it out at . I'm sure she would love if you asked her questions in the comments section of the blog.
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