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hello all,
i gave up my meat rabbit stock but have kept my san juans & french lops, back in june i moved my san juans to a colony setting they have been busy! they burrowed out the pen and tunneld over to the chicken coop (about 10 ft) they like to visit the chickens all get along fine (they have not tunneld out any where else not to say there are not tons of tunnels just have not made an opening to the surface anywhere else) over at the chicken coop they share a meal with the chickens of old bread lol. well here it is end of september and i was getting disappointed because i have not seen any babies. well that changed yesterday i seen several babies from atleast 2 different
litters (because of the size difference) it made my day what a feeling to see the littles one pop up out of no where. i wish i could see in those tunnels i am so curious!!! so my 6 does & 1 buck have been busy. thanks for letting me share my thrill!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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