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Collected Piglets yesterday

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Well after 6 months of considering it, I finally collected 2 guilts yesterday. I felt so sorry for them as they nervously cowered together. I had a shelter with so much straw in it, (about twice as high as they are) so they can burrow down & not get cold. All yesterday afternoon & first thing this morning they were buried. Eventually worried that they wouldn't be eating & drinking so we went in the shelter and pulled them out. I felt so guilty as they scurried around, bolted for the exit then stood outside wide eyed. One started to shiver so I nearly went & shoed them back in. Just as well I didn't as 30 seconds later they had forgotten we were there & started to rotovate their new home :). They may only be 6 weeks but boy can they do some damage!!
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What do you mean collected? I love piglets, they are so cute and cuddly :) until you pick them up, that is. :eek:
I have had mine for a week now, and they are cute. They also are very fast, and can cause some damage. They seem to be getting used to us now. My 12 year old son does the feeding most of the time and stays to let them get used to him. When he sits still , they will come up to him, but if he moves too fast, they run away and then come right back. They have already done some major diggin in the 48X32 pen that I have them in. I hope to have a plowed area for a new garden next year.
You are right about the fact they are cute until you pick them up! The farmer picked them up out of the back of his Landrover by the hind leg. They didn't seam to struggle but I felt when I got home it would be nicer to pick her up under the belly.

The one I picked up squealed & squealed & squealed & squealed.

The one my sister picked up by the hind leg stayed calm.

I changed my hold to the hind leg - she continued to squeal. I changed my grip to under her belly - she continued to squeal so I ignored her until we were in the pen where I could put her down. Obviously the squealing was not good but I also discovered another disadvantage to my approach. If you hold them under their belly it is possible for them to go to the loo all down your side!!

I think they look cute and even better on the ground!!

Mine are still frightened of me & spend most of their time buried in their shelter. I figure if each time I go in I stroke them they will get used to me. Else I won't stand a chance of getting close when they are in the main pen. Yep they're fast.
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Carolinexxx said:
I think they look cute and even better on the ground!!
I think they are very cute on my dinner plate also!
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