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Holy fritz, it's cold out there. Minus 27 , yes thats below zero. Not a mosquito in sight though. Count our blessings. Handy.
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Well I'm looking at 8 here in the Missouri Ozarks,got down to 2.

My water lines are running inside the house on the South side,most are insulated,they still tried to freeze.

big rockpile
minus 5 C here in Victoria BC, surescrewing up the golf courses- and I saw the flowering plum trees out acouple of weeks ago, the unseasonable cold will play havoc with them.My water line to the upstairs ensuite is frozen- the insulation must have slipped when we boarded it in.It's supposed to warm up a bit this afternoon though.Anybody have any ideas on how to thaw a water line inside a finished wall?
It was about 10 this morning at 6 am(southern IN), when dh left for work. Its 2:30 pm and its just now 20. It was around 50 last week, then rainy, now cold, yesterday flurries and I bet next week we'll have 50 again. No wonder my kids are always sick. Ugghhh. Hubby works in the weather all day, right now putting on a roof on a new building in the next town. He comes home frozen solid, even with his carhardts, insulated gloves, boots and cold weather gear under his clothes. I think when we get our land we will have to avoid anyplace that has a negative sign on the average winter temp chart, LOL.
It was 0 when I got up this morning. Now it says 35, but it's in the sun. Even at 0, the sun here at high altitude can sure heat up the house. Now that's what I call passive solar heating! It can also melt my candles in the house, even in the winter, so I've moved them all to shadier locations. Go figure...

Minus 25 F on the way to work this morning. We're only supposed to get to minus 5 tonight, then 28 above tomorro-heat wave in northern Wyoming.
Supposed to be 20F here in west central ga. by morning - that is cold to me! Temps been dropping all day and the wind is blowing, so am keeping close to the wood stove!

Take care y'all,
The downstairs where we watch TV is a constant 50...up its computer room 60...i don't mind it chilly...outside it was -5 last nite...
Down here in Texas, I hear people saying that if we don't get some cold winters, we will have mosquitoes, and harmful bugs next summer. Do yall that gets down to -27 degrees still get all those mosquitoes? Is this just a myth about getting to cold for bugs to survive?
Hey, I've been to East Texas more than once and "ya'll" ain't got skeeters that even come close in size to those home-grown here in Minnesota. Ya see, pard, our skeeters wear fur coats and have anti-freeze for blood. You cannot survive a night in the woods in Minnesota unless you're in a tent or loaded down with DEET. At least we have one thing bigger than they do in Texas!
Woke up to 8 degrees! Not really too bad by Northern state standards but it seemed pretty dang cold in south central KY!

East TX; we lived in WI and got down to -35 to -40 regularly each winter. I think it just made the mosquitos mad! We had so many one small town hosted a mosquito festival! :haha: I do think the cold helped keep many viruses at bay though and we didn't have much of a flea problem up there.
We've heard about those Minnesota mosquitoes, from some friends that lived there ;) They said they have their own landing strips. :haha: We have them here but our friends say it's only 1/10th the population and 1/50th the size :eek:

Our cold temps finally broke today and so far it's 22F, which feels like a heatwave compared to the last week of sub zero temps with wind chills of -25 to -35 below. :( I think it's supposed to get up to around 30F today, with little or no wind. we also have a god chance of getting some more snow :) This was our first really cold weather test with heating the house with the wood cookstove. We kept it stoked and the temps stayed around 65 degrees, sometimes dropping at night to 60. We do have a natural gas furnace and it did kick on a few times early in the morning, so I'd just get up and stoke up the stove again.
Stay warm everyone :D I think that cold front is coming your way Cabin Fever and those of you to the northeast of us.
The cold weather is here. My thermometer says -10, and it feels like it! It's supposed to stay like this thru the weekend. We've been lucky here in NY. It was in the 50's about a week ago!
COLD HERE in the Slocan Valley B.C.,

My spring water is frozen and can't get it going. My feet are numb while trying to hike up 500 meters to the intake.

My car has no heater and I am thawing the inside right now with a propane cook stove.

My windows don't have the interior casing on yet and the frost is developing on the inside of our windows in our bedroom so its kind of like sleeping in a freezer.

Right now its 11 here, but supposed to get to 10 below tonight, with wind chill of -20 to -40. Brrrrrr
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