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I am glad he has been caught. I never thought it was necessary to have a war just to get him though, the reasons are still very suspect to me also. That being said, when I seen his capture I was struck by the idea that so many thousands of innocent people had been terrorized for so long by this strange unkept looking man. He just didn't look so tough anymore without his bodyguards and presidential palaces, he looked , ordinary. In the end all the terror and abuse he handed out came back to him as the law of karma dictates, or, "we reap what we sow". To go from having absolute power over people to having none, even in your own life, must create quite a battleground within his mind, his hell lies there. It didn't surprise me that he didn't put up a fight. Such people who can justify the killing of thousands and withholding a decent standard of living from people while they grow fat and rich are nothing more than cowards to begin with. I bet he's too afraid to kill himself, I probably would want to avoid that judgement as long as I could too. Oh how the mighty have fallen!
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