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mimsmommy said:
I personally don;t care if we ever find Anthrax there--just knowing that girls there and in Afghanistan will now get to go to school is enough for me.

You might not be aware, but Iraq was run as a secular government and girls were not prevented from going to school at all.

And in Afghanistan, girls who live in areas outside the control of the central government are still having trouble getting an education:

Girls still standing outside the classroom door

As the second post-Taleban school year begins, poverty and prejudice are still keeping girls out of education.
By Ahmad Hanayesh and Mustafa Basharat (ARR No.55, 04-Apr-03)

In Kabul thousands of Afghan girls are beginning school for the second year since the collapse of the Taleban. But just outside the city limits, seven-year-old Nasreen wonders when it will be her turn.
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