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No one denies that Hussain is/was a *bad* guy. Even the most ardent anti-war liberal knows that and has always known it. So it's good that he's been caught.

But the many crimes he has committed have been committed against the Iraqi people - and they need to be the ones to bring him to trial and punish him. Besides - if we (the US) do it - all his supporters will blame us.

Besides, just the fact that he's been caught doesn't allay the doubts people have about why we went to war in the first place. Yes, he was a *bad* man. Unfortunately, there are several *bad* leaders around the world. Why Saddam Hussain and why was the US so insistent on getting him that it steamrolled over opposition from the rest of the world? Was Iraq indeed an 'imminent threat'?? Do we (the US) have the right to invade a sovereign country because we *know* they're a threat to us? What if it turns out that they are not a threat?? Do we have the right to impose our form of government on other countries??

I'm glad Saddam is caught. But that doesn't erase the doubts I have about the war itself and the motives of our leaders. President Bush and his close ties to the oil industry still make me very wary.
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