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AMEN, Unregistered!!!!!!!!!Not finding Weapons of Mass Dest. doesn;t mean they didn't exist!! He had a full year of knowing we were coming to get RID of it. Ask ex-pres clinton if he had any--He made several speeches back in 98, 99, etc... saying that he KNEW he had it. Was HE lying? If anyone had something to gain fromthis situation, it is the countries and organizations who were making millions from the status-quo--i.e. FRANCE and the UN --both of whom were making millions on military equip sold and fees on the oil iraq sold for food.
I know i am not going to make any points here from those who don;t believe inthis cause--but no matter what the Pres says, i believe my BIL who is a special teams Marine. He can 't say what he knows, but he is 100% behind this operation, and tells us to have confidence that there is plenty there to find.
Leaving people to be tortured and killed and gassed and mutilated and raped is not peace, it is isolationism. It's not our business, so why get involved? I wonder where was all the protest when we sent people to Bosia (they are still there by the way)? Some of my BIL's team were taken out by sniperfire there.
I personally don;t care if we ever find Anthrax there--just knowing that girls there and in Afghanistan will now get to go to school is enough for me.
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