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Not putting a lot of credibility in this story (considering the source) and also
for the fact that hardly any other station is commenting on it. The closest
that some are even coming to it, are in passing mention that Wilson is expected
to be "eased out" of the department. Most of these are left-based wanna-be
reporting agencies and it would appear that this "news" is primarily wishful thinking
on all their parts. Maybe a form of the concept, that if you tell a lie long enough,
most everyone (including the one spreading the lie) will eventually believe it will happen.
Not saying that it isn't a bad idea.....
his career in law enforcement is essentially over......but it should be up to the officer
and his department to come to that decision together; not have the strong arm of
liberal policy making in the media, decide that fate for them.:facepalm:

Remember: It was CNN who were the first (and only news? agency)
to report that the Seal Team had terminated Obama with extreme prejudice!!!
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