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I took all the doors off my closets in my old house. Haven't gotten around to it in this house, but they are walk in closets so leaving the door open is not quite as annoying. I had sliding doors - even worse than bifold - could only see half of the closet at once and for some reason I always managed to slide them in the wrong direction for what I wanted. Interesting to here that others have the same thoughts! The buyers of my house wanted them back on - oh well.

RAC said:
I guess the other good thing is that when they're opened, you see the entire contents of the closet at a glance--but you can't put anything in front of the opening area, or to the side. We have them in the laundry area, and you have to leave a foot and a half clearance in the front and on each side. Most annoying when you have something that extends a few inches too close that you want to place on the side wall....

As for closets, it is very easy to redo them with the shelving on one side and the hanging area on the other, so you don't need to see the whole closet at one time.

J.R. Guerra, you make a good point about the air circulation--what DH did was put little stoppers at the top of the slider area, so that each side is open about half an inch. You don't notice it unless you're right in front of it.
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