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  1. Leah IL

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    Aug 14, 2004
    I drove by a neighboring home yesterday and there was a big wheelbarrow full of roots similar to those of peonies and a sign that said: Free Clematis, take all you want. So I did -even though I know nothing about it! Now I would like to know what it is, how should I plant it and what can I expect from it? I have some clematis seeds someone gave me, but I have never seen the roots like this and don't really know what to do with them other than just stick them in the ground.
  2. Ann Mary

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    Nov 29, 2004
    Great! What a find! Clematis are one of my favorite climbing plants! In time and if they are "happy" they can get quite large. Some people train them up a trellis, tree, or shed and others give them a large space on the ground and let them make a pretty mound. They are a vine that likes much of the same nutrients that roses do and so many people pair them together. They like a very sunny position with their bases hidden in some shade of another feet in other words. Plant it about 2-3" below the soil line in a 18" deep hole. I'd give it a shot of transplanting vit 1 and a little epsom salts to get the roots growing. Depending on the variety you have will depend on the way it is to be pruned. Watch and take note of when it blooms ( it may not this year) and then prune according to that. Some you prune in the spring down to 6-8" and others you prune after they have bloomed. They take about as much water as a rose and love such things as rotten compost, bone meal etc. Make sure you mulch it to help cut down on the waterneed and weeds. Enjoy !