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Personally I believe that propane stoves should be checked and cleaned every two to three years. As combustion occurs air is drawn into the stove from near floor level. Along with that air is dust stirred up by people walking, the circulation of the air etc. A lot of dust does settle on the burner itself over the course of a year or several years. That is the smell you get at the first of the season the first time the stove is lit or turned on.

Depending upon you climate and the burner itself rust can form inside of a cast iron one, sometimes plugging gas ports. Unfortunately leaving a standing pilot operating keeps the moisture burned out while at the same time heating the air even in the summer.

Since it has been a number of years since new why not have it serviced and then every few years thereafter? You may wish for the service personnel to replace the thermocouple or at least leave you a correct one as a spare should it go out over a weekend, etc.

That is really about the only thing that does go out on them until the gas valve and components goes bad.
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