CJ7 Gas Tank (just gassin' and crabbin'...)

Discussion in 'Shop Talk' started by Pony, Aug 11, 2005.

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    Jan 6, 2003
    So we filled the tank on the 82 CJ7 Saturday (nearly had to take out another mortgage!), and then starting diddy-boppin' around on our errands. At the nursery, we parked on a slant, with the left side down a bit. Got back to the Jeep, and I noticed a strong smell of gasoline. DH gets underneath and says, "Must be a hole in the tank."

    We thought it was at the filler point, but lo and behold! When he took off the rusty old skid plate (hm... need to replace that...) he found out that there were numerous pinholes in the four bottom corners. Eaten through. It looked like a Swiss cheese. No wonder we were getting such lousy mileage!!

    Well, took it off, put it in the pile with the skid plate to be hauled off for scrap, and came inside to the computer, and called 4WD Hardware to place an order. Those folks are GREAT! We had to call 'em back twice to add stuff to the order, and they were VERY accomodating, and everything arrived today. :sing:

    UPS, I should tell you, is VERY good at hiding packages. I went online to check to see where it was, and the site said it'd been delivered. Where?? I looked ALL over the front and back of the house. The screen online said they delivered it to the side door... But we don't have a side door! So I called, and they suggested that I keep looking, because they are GOOD at hiding things. :goodjob:

    Yee-up, they sure are. Found the big box parked right in the driver's seat of the CJ. Looked like the box was driving the Jeep: The Unknown Driver?

    Now, of course, we finally have the rain we've been praying for, and there's no inside/dry place to install the tank. Bonnie-Jeep sits awhile...

    Oh, well. Life is like that, I s'pose. ;) But I'll wager that her gas mileage goes WAY up now! :shrug:

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    In case your not aware yet there is a compound readily available at auto supply stores that patches leaks even if they are activley leaking. You mix the two compounds, apply to the area, wait about 15 minutes and are good to go. The cost is about $5.00 per kit and it does work, I have used it myself. But with multi leaks replacing the tank was justified in that there was too much rust for patch material to do much good.

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    May 11, 2002
    I have a 75 CJ5 that had the tank rusted with seveal holes in the bottom about 1980. The skid plate under the tank had a layer of foam rubber between it and the tank. Some engineer probably thought that was a good idea. Not. A guy at the body shop took it off and put a fiberglass coating all over the bottom of the tank. It worked. It's still not leaking.
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