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Cinderella has found her Prince Charming

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Cinderella, is our latest Boston Terrier foster. She came to us mid November last year with horrible demodectic mange, pyometrea, and in general poor condition. I took all 10 1/2 pounds of her to a Pet Expo with Boston Terrier Rescue and she was the hit of the show. Several people asked about adopting her. One was a woman with her 15 year old son who is autistic and I think may have other problems. He loved her and I decided quickly that they would be my number one choice. Well, they immediately applied with the agency.

Tonight she was delivered, despite thunder storms (we each drove nearly 2 hours through the driving rain to get to a mid location) and my car keys getting lost in a parking lot, to her new family. :sing: This kid bought a new crate; a cushy bed for Cinderella, complete with pink polka dots; a pink 10 ft leash, and they are planning on feeding raw. He's going to send me a photo of Cinderella with their big ten year old Lab. I love a happy ending :sob:
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Awwwwww - that is wonderful!! :)

Bless you for fostering Boston Terriers!!
Another awww from me.

What a wonderful story. :)
What a sweet story.

I love how you are making a difference in the world and blessing others with your time, talents, and gifts.

Bless you and the new owners!
Awww, what a perfect match. Sounds like love at first sight.:D
:grin: Thanks for sharing that great story! Too often we hear the other kind of story. So glad to get good goosebumps from this one!
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