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Here are my books that I am selling as we are not going to be homeschooling anymore.

Abeka (4th) Developing Good Health-2.00

Abeka (4th) Developing Good Health Teacher's Key Student Test and Study Booklet-2.00

Journal Record-Keeping for All Unit Studies-1.00

How To Write A Research Paper-1.00

American Government & Economics (old edition) Teacher test/answer key-1.00

Skills For Rhetoric-Stobaugh(DVD included)Teacher & Student books-10.00

Skills for Literary Analysis-5.00

Abeka World Geography (9th) Student book, Teacher book, Map Studies teacher key, Test/Quiz key-10.00

Abeka Biology student book(10th), student tests-5.00

Abeka Book of the Revelation (11/12) student book, Exam/Quiz/Review Key-5.00

Abeka American Government-student book, teacher book, test/quiz key-10.00

Abeka Health (High School)-teacher book, student book-10.00

Abeka World History (10) student book-5.00

Abeka United States History (11) student book-5.00

Abeka Themes in Literature (high school) student book-5.00

Abeka World Literature (10) student book, test/quiz key-10.00

Abeka Kings of Israel A,B (9)-5.00

Abeka Economics (12)-test key, quiz key, student book, teacher book-20.00

Abeka Jesus and His Followers (High School)-student book, test/quiz/review key-5.00

America's Godly Heritage (video)-3.00

Apologia Exploring Creation with Chemistry-student book, solutions and tests, partial lab kit-25.00

Abeka American Literature(11)-student book, test/quiz key-10.00

Saxon Algebra 2-student book, solutions manual, test forms-25.00

Abeka Literary Classics-The Scarlet Letter-3.00

Abeka Literary Classics-Julius Caesar (2 copies)-3.00

Math-U-See Geometry set(student book (worked through lesson 14A), teacher book, test book, dvd)-

Abeka History (8th) student book-5.00

Abeka Science (8th) student book-5.00

Abeka Literature (8th) student book, teacher book-10.00

Learning Japanese(with cd-rom) just a few pages worked-5.00

Easy Grammar Plus (red book) preposition section worked, otherwise unused-10.00
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