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last year, melissa mentioned how her family creates gift baskets with a theme, then draws names to see who gets each basket.

my family loved the idea! but we are having a hard time coming up with a theme to begin with.

does anyone have some good suggestions??


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In our family each person comes up with their own theme. Some people do food baskets, I do a quilt and homemade food items like fudge, cookies, jellies, etc... We had one basket that was all Christmas ornaments. We had one with wine, cheese and crackers, one had all different types of candles, we had a cleaning supplies basket. Some are just a mish-mash, no real theme.

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if you guys are having trouble deciding what themes to use, make a list of the ones Melissa listed...ornament theme, homemade baked goods, cleaning supplies, candles, etc etc....and then make slips and have each family draw and that be their theme to prepare for..

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ooooh, i get it now.

we were trying to come up with one theme for everybody. this makes it easier.

this is such a good idea. my family really loved it, so we are going to try it for the first time this year. it's nice because once you decide on a theme you can buy a little bit here and there, instead of a big financial crunch all at once.

thanks for the replies.

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I help with our Christmas Silent Auction at our church and we do fabulous gift baskets. Just about any theme can become a basket, and if you start early you can get a whole lot of stuff at very reasonable prices--closeout sales, etc.

I'll post some great ideas that have been real hits. One secret to success is the container...get creative. We wrap ours up in cello from Garden Ridge (comes in big rolls), and put a nice bow, sometimes with an ornament on the outside.

BIRD WATCHING KIT...real bird house (or homemade bird feeder), bird seed, pr. of binoculars, wildflower seeds, bird book(s),

SLUMBER PARTY.... a big pillow with a cute pillowcase, nail polishes, board game, soda pops, cute DVD or CD to watch, vintage jewelry, invitations, microwave popcorn, etc.

HUNTING...or FISHING Hunting or fishing ornament, CD's or DVD's, gloves, hats, pocket knife, trail mix and/or energy bars, fishing lures, fishing tackle box etc.

QUEEN FOR A DAY...Hair products, curling iron and/or hair dryer, gift certificate for a free facial (Merle Norman gives these free--so do Mary Kay consultants), tanning certificate, massage certificate, bubble bath, bottle of champagne, ...use your imagination. Definitely add a paper crown to the top!

FITNESS...same idea. tapes, equipment, jump rope, gift certificate, fitness book(s)

CAR CARE... Bucket filled with car care items and accessories.

CHOCOLAT' Get a copy of the movie, and fill up with all kinds of chocolates and chocolate novelties.

COOKIES FOR SANTA...Christmas cookies and dishes

GOURMET COOK...Dish towels, wooden spoons, cookbook, anything for a cook.

TEDDY BEAR'S PICNIC...Teddy bears, little tea set, Small table & chairs

FAMILY GAME NIGHT...board game(s), pizza certificate, sodas, paper plates & cups.

GARDENING...seeds, garden tools, gloves, cute garden sign, clay pots, bulbs, sm. potting soil supplies

RAINY DAY KIT...for kids...all kinds of little things for young children to do..Dollar store has lots of things. Maybe a book of ideas for them. Simple craft supplies, play dough, bubbles, scissors, color crayons, felt, popsicle sticks, glue, etc.

HORSES for GIRLS... Horse books, horse tee shirt, jewelry, horse get the idea

EMBROIDERY KIT...a couple of projects, needles, hoops, colorful threads, instruction book

SCRAPBOOKING...scissors, papers, cutters, etc. (these are quite often on sale)

GOLF...Golf tees, golf ornaments, gloves, gift certificate

SNOWBOUND...Homemade Afghan w/popcorn, slippers, a good "ladies'" movie, hot chocolate packets, pretty mug, homemade cookies...OR a lg. Hershey Bar!

BACK pack with water bottle, energy bars, maps, binoculars, etc.

ROMANTIC PICNIC...Afghan in a picnic basket w/bottle of wine and 2 glasses, a book of poetry, etc. (You can do the same kind of thing for "An Evening by the Fireside" and add a candle, romantic music tape, etc.)

BOOK WORM... Asst. books, reading lamp, snacks,....this can be done for youngsters, men, spiritual reading,

AMISH BASKET...I love this one...put in hand-embroidered tea towels, Amish cookbook, a crock bowl or other plain dishes, nice breads or baked goods.

APPLE A DAY...Apple themed items...whatever you find. Tea towels, decorative items, pie plate, ....there's a whole lot out there.

THE CAT'S MEOW...Everything for kitties...bowls, toys, bed, play things.

....same for dogs...

BEST FRIENDS...for young girls...2 of everything you find.

MARGARITAVILLE. ... This one can be really can get all the stuff to have a party...leis, decorations, a plastic margarita set, and some of the bottles of margarita mixes. FUN!

MAGIC KIT...I've never done this one, but it could be fun...for young boys.

BREAKFAST IN BED...find a bedtray to use as the "basket". Add a placemat, napkin, pretty dishes, coffee or tea packets, sm. pancake mix, a little vase with a silk rose. (Nice vintage dishes and linens can be used.) get the idea. Most any item can be the start of a gift basket. It should have one prominent thing, and several "fillers" that fit with the theme.

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Well great minds think alike as Wildwood already thought of a few I had. However I will say that horses can be for boys too. My husband collected breyer horses throughout his childhood.

Heres a few I thought of

camping/hiking: a small tent, sleeping bag, binoculars, the makings for smores ( or a coupon/IOU for such since it will be December) and/or other camping/hiking goods.

Tea : vintage (or vintage looking) tea cups asst. teas, coffees, scone mix, sugar cubes, of course a nice tea pot and tea strainers...etc. This can be scaled down for a little girls tea set.

Wine tasting: different wines of different regions/countries/states/tastes. Crackers, cheeses, brochuto/summer sausages, wine glasses. This can also be turned into a kids basket by using soda...such as italian soda, or mexican soda, or companies like jones, and Harry& Davids.. along with different nut butters or fruit.

Movie Night: several movies or tickets to the movie theater, popcorn, movie theater candies. maybe some little things that tie in with the movies selected.

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How about a "From the Farm" theme?

Homemade apron

Quilted or crocheted throw blanket

Goat Milk Soap and/or lotion

Homemade simple sewn toys if the recipient has young children

Homemade candles

Or whatever else you're good at and produce on your place :)

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