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I have White Leghorns, New Hampshire Reds and what are either Rhode Island Reds or Red Star Hybrids; they were sold to me as Rhode Island Red pullets but once the feathered out some questions were raised about breed, they have red top feathers but their under feathers are white. Most of them are starting to go through their first molt but are still good layer, I would like three dollars a piece for them, I also have some egg eaters I would part with for free if anyone wants them for the stew pot, I would use them myself but my family won't eat older chickens, last time they went to waste. Some of the White leghorns got frost bite on their combs this last year but as far as I can tell it has not adversely effected their laying or normal behavior. I am looking for Heritage Dark Cornish hens, but will consider other offers, I do not mind them being older as long as they are still laying on a regular basis. We also have two roosters available for free.




If interested please message me.

:grump: Sorry about the upside down photos, I can't seem to get them right side up. :smack


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