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We've got a flock of 450+ chickens that just started laying, and they and their 40'x100' winter housing greenhouse is infested with chicken mites! My hand is crawling with mites if I carry a single piece of wood that was in their hen house - it's soooo awful. (From March-Oct we let our hens on pasture, and their hen house lets in fresh air and sunshine year round. Also we use pine shavings as bedding.)

We just processed our old layer batch and their feet were a poor sight to behold- scaly and scabbed. We tried treatments but found it was so impossible to actually get to a point where the mites were completely gone with our size of flock.)

We really don't want this same scenario to happen with these new chickens. We just scraped out all the bedding and power-washed and bleached all of the chickens' nesting boxes, roosts, etc. between flocks but know it barely made a dent in the mite population we have. Does anybody have experience with a treatment that's practical and works for a flock of 450+ chickens? I've heard of ash trays, garlic in their food and as a spray, and oil sprays but I'm wondering if anybody has found something that works and would highly recommend before trying all these options?!
If it helps we're located in SW Washington so we're headed into really wet, cool weather.
Thanks in advance!
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