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Chevy Diesel

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Stay away from the 6.5 td unless you get it really cheap made by chevy.I have a 93 3/4 ton with heavy rear end in it original motor went at 170,000. I'm on the second motor from a rebuilder and this one has cracked head on cyl.7 125 miles (first one 300miles. :eek: :eek:) The early blockes were the best the mid 90's block were prone to cracking cyl.8 the most and head cracking has allways been an issue.They are built to light GM trying to put more money in there pocket.The dmax is real good so far ,after GM's rep with the 6.5 i guess they had to finally build a better diesel,the allison tranny are real good too.Anyone else have these kind of troubles?
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Thanks for the heads up! My brother is a died in the wool Ford man and he had said to me the Duramax wasn't proven/still in it's infantcy.

He also said that in another yr the cummings diesel contract w/ dodge would be up and that they would be replacing them w/ mercedes diesels(but, they have a different name...they currently use them for delivery trks in the us). He said cummings was owned by Ford and if you rechipped a cummings you would get every bit of horsepower out of it whether going up a hill or on the straight other words they just keep a givin' her and givin' her!
Rechipped??? Whats that? Something to do with a computer chip?

A while back Ford was hooked up with Perkins and they used them in the tempos. I don't know about trucks, but those little Perkins were sposed to be really good.
I thought ford had international engines.Also i just read that dodge was renuing its contract with cummings ,anyway that will be my next truck.I've allways been a chevy man ,but i'm feeling a little frustrated with this 6.5td.
cashcrop said:
He said cummings was owned by Ford

This is not true. I know everyone says it but it is completely wrong. Too many people now a days don't check for themselves.

this is taken right off the FAQ at

Does Ford own Cummins?

No, Ford does not own any part of Cummins Inc.
Fords diesel is from international
Dodge is cummins
GM/chevy is Isuzu

The cummins is the best engine by far but the rest of the truck leaves a lot to be desired. As a matter of fact, the cummins diesel (same ISB engine) is an option on Fords commercial f650. That should tell you right there how good this engine is. The new ford diesel is having injector problems. The duramax seems to be doing just fine.

Thanks for playing. :)
Put in new computer chips and exhaust will increase performance 20%+

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