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Chest Refrigerator

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Does anyone have and use a chest refrigerator? I have been considering getting one and I am interested in the pros and cons. Any suggestions?
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Don't now, but did have. One pro is that the cold air sinks and doesn't spill out everytime you open the door like an upright. More economical. A con is more difficulty finding things you're looking for. More difficult to load without stacking things up.
Chest refrigerator? or freezer? If it's freezer, I wouldn't have any other kind! I would rather dig to the bottom of a chest freezer than to the back of an upright. You've got to dig either way, and at least with the chest freezer I can stack stuff up on the part I'm not digging in. With an upright I've got to get a cooler or box or something to pile stuff in while I'm digging toward the back. The chest freezer certainly takes more floor space, though, so that's a consideration. But for me, I'll never own another upright.

I did get to tease the MIL who tossed something in her upright on the way out the door for a trip. She didn't notice that the door didn't close right. When my SIL checked the house a few days later, not only was all the food ruined, but the floor in the utility room was a horror! If it had been a chest freezer, the food might still have been lost, but the floor would have stayed clean. And the door probably would have closed, anyway! :haha: :haha:

One crazy woman's opinion. I'm sure you'll find lots of folks who feel just as strongly the other way! Diversity...isn't it great?!

Meg :)
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Meg makes good points on the con side of an upright.

I had a small chest freezer that I frequently lost things in (yeah, I had a list on the door, but it happens anyhow). I am not tall-5'4"- and digging in that chest involved a step stool and the lid hitting me in the head a time or two. We hated it.

I have a less efficient upright now. It is older and frankly needs to be replaced due to energy usage and tendency to frost up. However, I can get into it very easily and can also see to find things easily. No stool has been needed! I can also keep delicate things away from the tougher packages of meat that would have torn, flattened or otherwise manhandled the wrapping or delicate contents when stacked in the chest.

Just my 2 cents.
I have a chest freezer and love it and I am thinking about getting a chest refrigerator because the cold air does stay in when you open the door. Any brands anyone would recommend?
HarleysMom said:
I have a chest freezer and love it ?
Ours is 2'X3' by 4' tall approximately.It is a WOODS brand from Best Buy,made in Canada.When i did a web search on freezers,they were all made in North America by only 2 or 3 manufacturers,then given assorted brand names.Was inexpensive and freezes to zero degrees.Very energy efficient,I bought it,and put in CF lightbulbs at same time,and noticed NO increase in our electric use.Need to get a better refer now,these new machines sure are efficient.Dont know about Sanyos and such,but the Woods did have a better cabinet than the ones from Wally World.
OOPS,see you want a refer,not freezer :eek:
The only one I have seen is in the Backwoods Solar catalog and is actually a freezer with an add on thermostat to let you use it as a refrigerator. You might drop them a line and ask if the thermostat could be used on any freezer, or only that particular one.
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