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    Apr 12, 2006
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    This may seem a bit dim, but how do you tell when cherries are ripe?

    We moved here 3 months ago, now have a lovely cherry tree that's loaded with fruit in various stages of ripeness, and need to know when to pick it. I do not know what variety it is. I've been tasting them every day or so, picking the most uniformly red ones and it's just today I got one that was sweet enough to eat and not spit out, but it was still fairly sour. The skin is bright red and the flesh is yellow.

    Are they like other fruits that slip from the stem when they're truly ripe? Or do they always hang tight? Does the skin get shinier, more translucent, etc.? Are they better picked slightly unripe? I've never had a cherry tree before.

    When I pick them I guess I'll make them into many jars of pie filling!
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    Sep 26, 2005
    there are many types of cherries. there are firm and soft fleshed cherries. there are sweet and tart cherries. i never have seen a soft fleshed tart cherry but i have had firm cherries in both categories.

    you may have a tart cherry tree. they make good jelly and pie filling.

    unless you know what type of tree it is, you will just have to keep tasting (not such a bad deal, lol).

    i forgot to what the birds do. they love to find the sweet cherries at the peak of ripeness! i had no problem with birds in my strawberry is 10 yards from a soft fleshed sweet cherry tree, lol. they got all of the cherries!