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Hi, all, I'm back into goats and hope to start milking next spring! I would like to find a good used goat milking machine (old hands and goat udders don't mix happily most mornings) and encouragement in making cheeses from the extra milk. When the children were smaller, we had up to 40 dairy goats, and we had lots of milk that we used for the table, froze, sold, and fed to raise calves and pigs, made puddings and ice cream, etc. But I've never made cheeses!
So, my two ladies (I have reg. Saanens) are with the buck now, and in the spring will have more milk than two of us can use fresh. I have a job now that will let me have time to milk in the mornings, if we stay here. We may be moving, but last year had to not milk. (job was crazy hrs, not good).
Thanks, am figuring out how to use this site, a bit complicated for this granny!
Enjoying a bit of Indian Summer, Lorna Jean
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