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Checking in and saying hello

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Hello good friends of CF. It's been a long time since I've been able to get on my favorite old site, let alone a computer at all. Well, somehow My machine picked up a nasty bug a long while back, which made it's destiny the bone pile. Since loosing my computer, I never did buy a new one, nor did I have access to another. I was so busy, I just didn't spend the time nor money to jump on the net again anyway. I must say, that since I got cut off from this site and my very close friends on here, I never forgot them! Anyhow... I knew I would be back once again, maybe not as frequently for a while yet, but dang, I'm here again! :goodjob:

I'm selling the last of my cows in a week and calves as well. All the critters I'll have left this winter are 8 goats, 1 donkey, a horse, two steers, an old cow and calf, huge Hereford bull, and a pair of geese. Just enough to make things intersting! Got a young bird dog too, but don't have the time to finish training her for leasing out to hunters. Haven't taken on any other bird dogs since Spring and won't this winter. Some good news I have about my little cattle operation is this... I finally got a couple folks from the FSA to come out and tour my priority area, in hopes I may qualify for some wells I desperately need in order to use what grass I've got. They said it looks real good and they will start office work on this project this November. They'll have to see how much funding is available through the Equip program in my county and go from there. I pray to the good Lord that I'll get my water!!! If I get water next summer, I can buy back some cows, and run a good number of yearlings efficiently for the limited amount of acres I have use of.

Plan on a huge garden this Spring, butcher hogs, Boer goats, meat rabbits, chickens, ducks, and more geese too. Working on my house and yard, such as it is, and am currently working on a little butchering facility. Have got a nice little shop set up now, so I have quite a few tools at my disposal. Have had little time for hunting, though we can get 9 deer and three antelope this year. I'm gonna have meat in every freezer I got, and probably everyone elses too, LOL! Add one and a half steers to the pile, and...

Well, that's about it I guess. Just a briefing and a hello to you all. Just wondering... does anyone remember me??? LOL! Thats ok if you don't, I can play new guy again, I've done it once before. Is all the old gang still hanging out around here? Any loss's I should know? Anyone I lost contact with will hear from me soon, and sorry for the l-o-n-g pause in communications, you can rip me to shreds, put a knee to the gut, and spit on me, I'll just have to take it, but at least we'll all be talking once again :stars: Love you all! Joel
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Good to hear from you!! Sounds like you are staying out of trouble!! LOL

I'll be making your Pumpkin Bars again this year!
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