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Local Teen Dies from Tick-Borne Disease


CENTRALIA (AP) - Authorities say a Centralia girl has died of a tick-borne disease.

The Boone County Medical Examiner's Office says 15-year-old Emily Powell died Wednesday from Erlichiosis, a disease acquired from ticks. The girl was hospitalized Monday. Extra counselors are available at Centralia schools Thursday to help students cope with the loss of a classmate. Tick-borne disease are being reported in Missouri this year at a rate far higher than the five-year average. By mid-August, the state had received reports of 117 cases of Ehrlichiosis, compared to the annual average of 40. Higher-than usual rates of Rocky Mountain spotted fever, tularemia and Lyme disease are also being reported. Officials recommend avoiding wooded and bushy areas with tall grass, wearing long pants and long sleeves and using insect repellants that contain 20 percent to 50 percent DEET.
Posted by: Ashley Farrell

Prayers for the family of this young Lady.

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