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Champion Juicer...

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Has anyone here used a Champion Juicer? I have a friend who would like to purchase one and use it for making soy milk and grinding peanuts for peanut butter. Any thoughts?

Thank you.
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We have one and love it. That is part of the reason we chose to sell it in our store. It is a workhorse. I can't even tell you how old ours is, but it still does a great job.
Friend has one, he's had it for years, works superbly for him.
I've had one for ten years and I bought it used. I love it. I bought the grain mill attachment, too. I grow plum tomatoes and they are the perfect size for the shoot, just push them through and you have the juice, ready for canning or cooking down for sauce.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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