Chainsaw Chain, bars, and sprockets

Discussion in 'Shop Talk' started by jwulf, Feb 4, 2005.

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    Aug 30, 2004
    Ok, yet another chainsaw thread!


    I was wondering if anyone could explain, or point me to a reference, that discusses the differences in sprockets, bars, and chains. I searched through the forum archives and didn't get a hit on anything specific.

    I've got a stihl ms290 with a 20" bar and the following chain:

    oilmatic 26RM2-81
    81 drive links
    .063 gauge
    .325 pitch

    I was poking around the Baily's website (mentioned in another thread) and was just trying to figure out what combinations might be available to me. I noticed that a lot of the chain advertised there was .050 gauge and .375 pitch.

    If you change pitch then I'm assuming that you have to change your spocket? Is that correct? And if you change gauge do you need to change your bar?

    Also how does a different gauge or pitch affect cutting?


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    Jun 2, 2002
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    yeah, the gauge is the thickness of the drive links that stick down into the bar, so if you are running a .063 bar and chain, then the .050 chain will float over the rails and same for drive gear, and spocket tip....., best bet is to buy a complete bar for your saw.... call Bailey's and talk with customer service... they are helpful as most everyone there is long time logging related..... so they know what your looking for and want your REPEAT business good people there.

    Whole new set up is not cheap, but then again a person dont go through a bar every season unless they are professional loggers. Ive cut several hundred cord of firewood and a few thousand feet of logs with my old saw and its still got a couple seasons in the bar, i may need a new nose for it though before the bar needs regrooved.