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It sounds like a classic case of "slopped out bar". Take your current chain.....and save it until you purchase a new bar. It should work fine.

In its place, visit your chain saw shop and purchase a chain with a heavier gauge drivers.
Most chains for serious chain saws come in 3 sizes .50 .58 & .63 For Oregon chains a .50 is a size 72 chain .58 is a size 73 chain and .63 is a size 75 chain. Windsor chains are junk so I won't even discuss them. Stihl chains are OK, but priced unrealistically high. Your bar length determines the number of drivers.
If your bar is 20", you will have 72 drivers.
Hence, an Oregon chisel chain for a 20" bar will likely be a 73 LG x 72. If the bar is slopped out, don't throw it out......go to a 75 LG x 72 and the saw will cut just fine.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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