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Hi Folks!!! Part 2 got away from me and it is WAY to long, sorry. It took longer to load than record. I'll be posting new lists for 9th & 10th not tested next month. I think I'll make that a new part for grains. We're about at that half way mark...keep testing!!! Dorothy

9th edition
p. 149 kasha, egg & onion #2 too plain
p. 150 buckwheat overnight yeast pancakes #3
" " " " w/cornmeal #3
sourdough buckwh. cakes #4
" " " w/ soda #4
buckwheat-rye yeast bread #4
I also tried this w/2c. buckwheat, 2c.wheat, 2c. unbleached white & used honey instead of family liked this better.

The BEST buckwheat pancakes I made were using a reg. buttermilk pancake recipe w/1/2 unbleached white & 1/2 buckwheat...these were MAJOR hit!!!

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I finally got a chance to test another recipe. Been busier than I expected.

10th Ed. PG 85
Melanie's Gluten-Meat

The recipe itself I will give a rating of 5 for it's simplicity in making it. But the taste and texture was not to my liking, so the rating for that is 2 with an overall combined rating of 3.5.
I probably won't make this recipe again, but someone else may find it to their liking.

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page 146, 9th Edition

Please note that you have a comment here under "using and preserving bamboo" about "fry them in miso". Miso is not an oil and you cannot fry in it that I can think of....It is very dense and salty and I imagine you meant fry the bamboo and season with miso.


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I'm so behind in posting! :oops: Here's the rest of what I've tried from the grains chapter...all from the 9th edition:

Cooking perfect rice p179 - 5
The tip to saute rice in a bit of oil before adding the water is excellent! If you let the rice brown somewhat, it gets a bit of a nutty taste.

Nasi Goreng p179 - 4
Really good!

Rye Fruit Bread p184 - 5
A favorite of my DH

All-Rye Snack Bread p184 - 4
We all really liked this

Buttermilk Rye Bread p184 - 5
Seemed a little lighter in texture than the above bread, and we preferred it.

Rye Scones p184 - 2
We didn't care for these much at all -- the texture, the taste -- just wasn't a scone to me

Rye Pastry - p184 - 4
This isn't the greatest pie crust, but I rated it a 4 because I was so excited to find a passable pie crust that my dad can eat (severe allergies, including wheat). I passed this recipe along to my mom, and my dad ate his first rhubarb custard pie in a decade!

Rye Quick Bread p184 - 4
I made it with the orange peels, and it was very good.

Rye Griddle Cakes p184 - 4
Very good

Rye flour porridge p184 - 5
I'm a mush lover, and I thought this was great. I've never had Rye mush before this recipe, and I thought it was really good.

Rye-wheat cereal p184 - 5
I really love this! I eat cracked wheat cereal quite often, and I really enjoyed this variation with the rye

Just on a side note, testing recipes of the different grains was really great for my family. We tried grains that were completely new to us and have expanded our diets to include them in the future. We've also decided to try our hand at growing some of our new favorite grains in the future. We're growing buckwheat this year and will try quinoa for sure next year. We may try growing rye as well, since many of these recipes were a hit with us. I think I've only ever cooked with rye once before trying these recipes. :)

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Tried to read through all the postings, I might have missed some - my eyes glazed over after a while. If I'm redundant, please be patient

Regarding Quinoa: I have found that Quinoa doesn't need overnight soaking. As a matter of fact, I just rinse it a few times and its ready to go! Now, I don't grow it myself - I buy it through my food co-op, so that might make a difference. Today's Quinoa is almost as fast cooking as couscous.

Brown Rice: have you included a recipe for pressure cooking brown rice? Much faster, better results, and less energy required that the regular boiling water method (rather than 40 minutes, it only cooks about 15). Mmmm, brown rice, brown rice and tempeh, brown rice and tofu, brown rice pudding!


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S, please, what are your specific instructions for pressure cooking brown rice?

P.S. Some time back, a TESTER, forget who, maybe diane? posted "we purchased our scythe from Muggs in Tennessee...they advertised in CS Journal." I want to put this in the book, but I need more detailed contact info. I looked for Muggs and for Muggs in Tennessee on the HT member list, but couldn't find it. Suggestions?

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Just wanted to stay I'm working hard at trying to grow a little broom corn (a 4'x4' plot) this year, and eventually make brooms. (I think this is the continuation of the testing-growing-grains thread but it's not entirely clear...)
So far I'm not having an easy time getting the stuff to germinate. I'm trying to start indoors in cells since it looks just exactly like weeds when it comes up. I'm also going to try direct seeding if I can keep the cats out of that bed.

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Silly me, here's the recipe I use:

Pressure Cooked Brown Rice:
Short Grain: 3 1/2 cups water, 2 cups brown rice. Heat 1 T oil in bottom of pressurecooker, pour in rice. Coat rice with oil. Add 3 1/2 cups water ( I use hot, speeds things up). Put lid in place. Bring to temperature, cook 15 minutes, pull off heat, let it cool down.

Long grain: same as above, cook 20 minutes.

My pressure cooker has an air-craft door style closure, (bayonet mounts always scared me) and has only one psi. So time might need to be adjusted according to pressurecooker type/style.


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Hello to everyone...just got back from IA and will be working on the not tested lists from both editions. Should have them posted within the week.

I am also interested in where to buy that scythe as I went shopping for one today. I got something that will work but not really what I wanted.

Lisa, I grew broom corn a couple years ago and just planted it in the garden from seed. It looks like corn when it comes up. I still have some of it. I would not consider it great crop but we got plenty for brooms. I did decorative & whisk-type brooms. Good luck...I thought it was to grow. Dorothy

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p. 15 boiled vegetable amaranth
amaranth greens casserole
p. 32 scalloped corn & tomatoes #5
creamed field corn #5
p. 36 atole #3
p. 38 boiled soda method hominy
p. 39 hardwood ashes hominy
p. 40 meat-cornmeal combos # 5
p. 43 cream of millet cereal-#3
millet stir fry
garden curry
p. 47 gourmet stuffed tomatoes
more quinoa recipes #5
p. 52 Ruth Nasi goreng #5
p. 56 rye grass sprouts
all rye-bean bread
p. 60 plain sorghum bread #2
p. 61 Italian sorghum
p. 67 Cindy's couscous #5
p. 74 hop yeast cakes #3
p. 86 raisin crumb pudding-#5+++
p. 87 Janice's wheat-meat #2
p. 92 Helen's carrot pudding
p. 96 real challah recipe

Please let me know if you've tested any of these as I might have missed some. THANKS!! Dorothy 06-09-03

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Cream of Millet Cereal, 10th Edition page 43: Rating 3. I toasted the grains first, adds a bit more flavor. Definitely need to add the ground millet slowly to the boiling water, otherwise the lumps are hard to break up. A bit gelatinous, so it rates a 3.

Raisin Crumb Pudding, 10th Edition, page 86. Can I rate this a 5+++? Easy, fast to put together, and really yummy. I usually have bread crumbs or bread ends in the freezer, so this would be a great last minute dessert. Chopped apples, chopped pineapple, or any dried fruit would also be nice to add.


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Carla Emery said:
Good input, TESTERS! Glad you're back and caught up on the list, DW.

Anybody got a chimichanga recipe?


Printed to date.
As usual... ask and you may get more than you bargained for.

Chimichangas are great, and aside from the traditional there are loads of scrummy variations on a theme.

For interest, the definaition according to The New Food Lover's Companion, Second Edition, by Sharon Tyler Herbst

This specialty of Sonora, Mexico, is actually a burrito that is fried or deep-fried. It can contain any number of fillings including shredded chicken, beef or pork, grated cheese, refried beans and rice. To prevent the filling from spilling out during frying, the flour tortilla must be rolled around it, with the ends tucked in. Chimichangas are often garnished with salsa, guacamole, sour cream and shredded cheese.

You need to start off making a beef chilli. I used minced (ground) beef and I add red kidney beans to the mixture and lots of onion (this way the kids eat the vegetables as it is disguised in the food). Purists will make a chilli with steak and shred the beef afterwards and don't add the kidney beans in. I batch make this and freeze the excess. The subsequent ones taste SOO much better as they have a chance for the flavour to mature.

Once this is done you will need some flour tortillas. Spread the mixture (about 1 cup per tortilla), but don't get too close to the edges. Fold two oppossing sides of the tortilla inwards, then fold up the bottom. It should look like an envelope at this stage. Then roll from the bottom and you will get a fat roll that looks like a Chinese pancake roll. Secure with toothpicks. Now in a pan heat around 4 inches of oil to about 375F / 190C and fry the chimichangas a couple at a time, turning occassionally until golden and the tortilla is slightly blistered.

Serve with lashings of guacamole, sour cream, frijoles refritos (refried beans) and salsa. Some people also like chopped jalapeno chillis on the side.

Now I am not wild on beef chili, so often I cheat and make up beef or chicken (or even veggie) fajitas, fill the tortillas with that and fry them. I once did shark steaks and prawn fajitas as chimichangas.. very tasty.

My veggie friend like Cheese and Onion ones. Fill the tortilla with chopped red onion, a sprinkle of chilli and a good cheese chunk. Mozzarella is good, halloumi, brie and camabert are all good for this. Serve with cranberry sauce

Seafood is excellent this way too. Try a quick stirfry of crab meat, prawns with a generous amount of chopped coriander leaf (cilantro), a good squeeze of lime juice, onion, garlic and a splash of heavy cream. Make sure that the whole mixture is slightly undercooked as it will finish cooking when you fry it. Serve as for beef chimichanga.

The kids point out that chimichangas make good desserts too.

They like them with chocolate ganache (I always keep a store of this.. Fantastic for almost any chocolate need, easily turns into sauces, spreads, syrups, etc) spread over the tortilla and then filled with chopped banana. Instead of ganache I guess you could use any chocolate spread like Nutella. After frying them roll in cinnamon sugar and serve as is or with vanilla ice cream.

Personally my favourite dessert filling is to spread with apricot jam, then to fill with apricots or peaches, and flaked almonds with a little sprinkle of rum. Roll in cinnamon sugar (or just plain sugar, vanilla sugar is also good).

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p. 143
grains & vege
grain soup
leftover grain soup
minty leftover grain soup
p. 147
scotch broth
p. 148
barley burgers or meatloaf #5+
potato & barley drop cookies
barley pastry
p. 150
Ruth's vegan kasha
p. 159
gourmet frozen corn
vegan cr. style corn
best corn on the cob #5
p. 160
corn cakes from leftover or boiled corn
vegan chachapas
vegan corn-stuffed peppers
corn soup
corn croquettes
p. 164
cooking whole, dried...corn
fry-parching #2
crispy corn
hoecakes #4
corn dodgers #4
p. 165
real southern hushpuppies
pudding f/ lo cornbread
what to do w/lo cornmeal mush
fried mush & bacon
p. 166
vegan lo mush
p. 167
lime hominy
boughten lime hominy
plain butered hominy
hom., bacon & eggs
hog & hom.
hom. grits
fried lo grits #4
masa tortillas
African fermented tamales
p. 170
nutty flavored millet
basic cooked millet
breakfast tuo zaafi
p. 171
millet soup
p. 172
oat porridge
p. 182
3-way elegance
p. 184
rye flour cake #4.5
rye wheat cereal #4
steamed rye #4
flaked rye #4
p. 185
rye & lentil #4.5
p. 187
cooked plain sorghum
spanish sorghum
pearled sorghum
sorghum pudding
sorghum mas tortillas
p. 188
sorghum biscuits #4
sorghum grain pancakes #5
sorghum cookies #5
sorghum bran muffins
sorghum brownies #4
sorghum meal bread
sorghum muffins #3
p. 191
sorghum roast
thick molasses sauce
mostly molasses sauce
wheat grass #5
whole wheat casserole
p. 195
cooking commercial bulgar #5
bulgar breakfast #5
bell peppers stuffed w/bulgar
homemade bulgar postum #3
Ruth's bulgar sausage
cracked wheat bread
raw ground whole cereal #4
p. 196
cornmeal tortillas
p. 197
Lupe's tortilla de harina #5
ruth's eggless crepes
ruth's even easier crepes
p. 198
hobo bread #5
p. 199
boston brown bread
homemade grape nuts
p. 210
rye bread #4
p. 212
milk & water starter
hazel's starter
sourdough wh. wh. pancakes
p. 213
sourdough wh. wh. bread
sourdough cornmeal cakes
p. 214
croutons #5
crumb pancakes
p. 215
orange prune crumb stuffing
wh.wh. crumb pudding
rye crumb pudding
p. 216
ruth's gluten recipe
ruth's kishke
p. 217
basic bread cracker recipe
melba toast
rye melba crackers
herby buttered rye melba crackers
sweetless yeast crackers
p. 218
great crackers
uncooked seed wafers
apple wafers
ruth's vegan gruel crackers
swedish crisp biscuits
p. 220
leftover yolks noodles #5
eggless noodles
ruth's vegan noodles
noodle puffs
ravioli #5+
f. wards old-time boiled dumplings
p. 221
plain boston brn. bread
vegan boston brn. bread
p. 222
helen's hard sauce
brandy sauce
hard sauce
flaming pudding
modern version ancient meat-pie pudding
everyday fruitcake
ruth's honey fruitcake
uncooked fruitcake
xmas plum pudding
fw ferrell's jam cake
p. 224
ms. neeley's white fruitcake #5+
molasses fruitcake

This is THE list!!!!!!!!! Keep on testing,Dorothy updated 9-28-03

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new to 10th
p. 60 plain sorghum bread #2 edible, better toasted but too heavy. The recipe did not say how to bake, I baked it for 50 min. I did not like lb. measurements...I used 1 1/2 c. @ flour.
Elevation could have played a part, too. I am experienced bread maker...this was bad!

p. 36 Atole #3, sweetened with sugar. Tried w/ choc., cinnamon & fresh mint leaves. Cinnamon was a tea.

p. 32 scalloped corn & tomatoes #5 excellent, neede a little more salt

p. 40 meat-cornmeal combos #5 great steamed them also added salsa & cheese

p. 47 more quinoa recipes #5 toasted it in the oven, this does not take long (burnt the 1st batch) and put on top of bread like sesame seeds...great!

p. 52 Ruth Nasi Goreng #5 great!

p. 67 Cindy's Couscous #5 very good, my 15 year old even liked it!

p. 74 Hop yeast cakes #3 DON'T TRY THIS unless you read this comment works, I made a nice loaf of bread from this. It took most of the day to rise. After I soaked the square in water to get started I fished out the green clump of hops because I didn't want it in my bread. I'm working with this to see if it could be used as sourdough starter and thus far not active. If it improves, I'll add something later. Here is the BAD**********part Boiling the hops in the water is an AWFUL smell. My husband had been painting & came in the kitchen & felt like puking!!! My son disappeared. They both said throw it out but I wanted to try it so kept doing it. TOO rude for this family.

p. 87 Janice's wheat meat #2 I cooked it in beef broth but it didn't taste like beef. Maybe my wheat was too tightly packed? Then I used it in spaghetti.

Ninth edition recipes
p. 188 sorghum pancakes #5 great!
p. 188 sorghum cookies #5 good used pecans in them.

Not much action here on testing...let's keep on family asked how much more this weekend??!!! I was having FUN!!! Dorothy

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OK, I'm trying this again. Just spent an hour posting all my findings from the chapter and struck a wrong key while typing and it all disappeared and I could not retrieve it!!

This is Connie in NM
Editing on Grains chapter Carla sent me.
10th edition

Note to Carla Notes for editing purposes only (ie move this paragraph to next page, etc.) will be on hard copy I return to you.

1. p. 20 (under barley) I have gotten barley flakes at the health food store. Other than eating like oatmeal, are there any other recipes out there?

2. p. 23 (under corn) You can certainly eat field corn. My grandmother liked it better than sweet corn.

3. p. 32 (under Harvesting Stalks) For us non-farmer types, what is the difference between silage and fodder?

4. p. 35 (under oven - Parching) Is this like the corn nuts you can buy in the store?

5. p. 36 Southwestern Corn Bread- Rate 4 Note You can substitute canned cream style corn for the grated or chopped fresh corn.

6. p. 36 (under using leftover corn bread) The all time easiest way that all the old-timers, including my father-in-law and grandmother did Crumble cornbread into a glass. Add buttermilk or sweet milk (whold milk). Eat with spoon. Often a light supper for them.

7. Hominy, Bacon and Eggs. Rate 4, I often do this, but also add green chile and grated cheese.

8. p. 39 Tamales/ meat filling - Most hispanics out here use pork with red chile sauce for the filling. They either use cooked shredded pork roasts or the tradional hogs head.

9. p. 36 How about a recipe for Cornbread Salad. It is very similar to cornbread dressing with the same spices and onion and celery, but is moistened with mayo and served cold. I can email you the recipe if you have room in the book to include it.

10. p. 46( Under common rices) I have purchased large bags of medium grain rice and I think it is stickier than the long grain rice.

11) p. 46 Under aramoatic or scented rice- Don't forget Texmati rice available in supermarkets or from food coops.

12) p. 50 Under perfect rice I always brown my rice when making Spanish rice. Makes it much better!

13)p. 51- No recipe for Spanish Rice = do you need one? I can email mine

14) p. 51 No recipe for Fried Rice - I would definately include one.

15) P. 56 (under sorghums) 4) grass sorghums Note out here Johnson grass is considered a pesky weed!!

16) p. 63 under Molasses Old-timers, like my grandmother, used molasses like syrup over pancakes or biscuits. It was much healthier!

17) Under Wheat- p.66 Could you include something about growing wheat grass? It is a very popular health food right now.

18) p. 66 Under wheat section Could you include recipes, instructions for baking with sprouted wheat? It is supposed to be much healthier.

19) p. 68 under Nachos Options Add cooked meat, beans, top with salsa, sour cream, chopped tomatoes, sliced green onions, sliced black olives, guacamole.

20) p. 68 You have recipes for taco filling. How about a recipe for enchiladas?

21) p. 83 I have a great recipe for Yeast Angel Biscuits if you have room for it in the book. You mix it in a bowl, no kneading, and refrigerate. Take out what you need each day, pat out and bake. Easy and quick and versatile. I will send you recipe if you have space.

I enjoyed reading the chapter and learned alot!! I'm on to the next chapter you sent. After I finish editing the next two chapters, I will work some more on recipes, unless you have more chapters to send. Thanks for your patience with me.

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This recipe I got from my mother, where she got it from I have no idea. One of my fondest memories of when I was a kid, was her fixing this recipe. I know make the taste from memory. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Chinese Fried Rice

2 strips of bacon, cut into pieces
4 cups of rice, cooked the day before and thoroughly chilled
2 eggs
soy sauce to taste
salt to taste
chopped green onions
optionally you can add diced ham and fresh green peas

Saute the bacon until nice and crisp, remove to a bowl, set aside. Take your chilled rice and cook it in the bacon grease until it is hot, the rice will separate into individual grains while heating up. The next thing can be done different ways. You can take the eggs and scramble them in a separate pan so that you have bits of egg or you can just toss the eggs into the rice and mix it up...this can get kinda gummy this way but it still tastes good. Cook thoroughly until the egg is all cooked to your satisfaction. Season with salt and soy sauce as to how you like it. Add the rest of your ingredients, including the bacon and heat until everything is heated throughout. The original recipe used MSG - Monosodium Glutomate, but you can leave that out if you would like to, if you decide to use it, needs just a dash.
As with anything else, this tastes much better the next day :)

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