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OK. Here goes. This is my first post and I am a little nervous. So, let me know if I did it right. These are all 9th edition.

p9. real estate agents: If you are a buyer and have an agent representing you, the seller's agent splits his commission with the buyer's agent. Sometimes if the buyer has an agent, the seller's agent won't want to deal with them because they don't want to split money. (When we were signing a contract on some land, the seller's realtor gave us a paper that said she could work for both parties as the buyer and seller's agent.)

p12. title insurance: usually the seller of the property pays for title insurance. (we were trying to sell our house and were told by the title company that the seller usually pays for it)

p12. Ask! ASCS is now FSA-Farm Service Agency. My mom works for them. They still do everything they did before, they just changed the name.

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