Ceremony at Mt. Rushmore

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    Apr 9, 2003
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    We attended the evening program at Mount Rushmore this last Wednesday night.

    They told about the history behind the Presidential faces on the mountain.....ending with the lighting of the faces against the night time sky.

    When the program ended they ask that every veteran and member of any of the armed forces (past and present) that were in the audience, to come down on the stage for the retiring of the flag.

    Then they went through that entire group-----of men and women.
    One by one they took the microphone and gave their name, their branch of the service, and the years or wars served.

    There were about 110 of them!

    3 of them were from WWII, 3 from the Korean Conflict and 100 more inbetween, right down to Iraq.

    And when they finished the crowd went wild with thier CHEERS of thank-yous!

    It was a very moving thing to watch!
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    One thing to say---OUTSTANDING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!