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I was talking to a lady recently about pouring molds, bisqueware, etc., and she told me she does birthday parties for kids. She takes a selection of bisqued pieces to the party, where the parents have set up a "crafting area". The kids each choose a piece to paint, and then everyone goes to town painting. The lady helps everyone with choices, provides the paints, brushes, etc. and then helps with painting if it's necessary. (she says she usually just sits back and watches). The kids then go have cake and whatever, she sprays finish on the pieces and the kids all take theirs home with them.

she provides small pieces, not complicated. Cups. soap dishes, vases, bowls, simple animal figurines, plaques...that sort of the kids can be finished in an hour or so.

now THAT is something I would hire for my kid's birthday party. Clowns and ponies are nice, but golly, this is cool.

*the vases, bowls, cups (anything that would have to hold water) are prefired with glaze in the inside.

I'm thinking you could also prefire the pieces with clear glaze all over and provide glass/tile paints. Then either send instructions home to bake the piece, or use the party giver's oven so it's done right there.
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