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I got a couple Stainless Steel lab cages while back, My brother had been using them for his rabbits.
He finally got his hanging cages built and in place and I got these back.
Ones a 8 hole (the one in the picture) and the other a 6.
This one has removable dividers. which I wont be using.
The problem was the doors, they where set up to take two bowls.
Not necessary with the quail.
So I Made the ones you see.
Did not work out so well,did not think it out enough.
But will work till I can redo them.

So I present cell block C (Corturnix), levels 1-4.

Top level is the Juvenal ward.
The rest will be for breeders until I get some money to build breeder cages or adapt the other lab cage over.

There are 66 Juvenals on top and my 19 original breeders on the other level.


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