Ceiling fan rebalancing

Discussion in 'Shop Talk' started by moopups, Feb 27, 2005.

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    Its been too long since I had to do this, another lost skill due to age, temperment, and plane hardheadness, tell me again.

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    a. assuming the fan WAS balanced once, the blades are CLEAN of dust and still flat.... and now it wobbles...

    Using a DRY ERASE marker and a stick, (yard stick works), set a 6' step ladder under one edge of the fan, on a side that it seems to be wobbling towards.

    Tape the dry erase marker to the end of the yard stick, turn the fan on so it's blowing DOWN (towards you), any speed....

    very slowly, using the ladder as a guide to prevent jerking things around, slide the marker up until it just begins to touch a blade.

    Turn the fan off, and look for your "mark" on the trailing edge of a blade or two.
    Gently bend that blade(s) toward the ceiling. Wipe off the marker, and repeat the process until all blades (or almost all) have a mark on them.

    According to my brother, career maintenance man (a noble profession, and women APPRECIATE him highly...), the majority of the fan wobble problems are not a balance problem, but due to the blades not "tracking" in the same arc. It's happened to me, you toss a pillow up and forget the fan is there - THUNK and the thing comes flying back at ya... I tried his dry marker trick and it stopped the wobble on all but the highest speed (which just shakes a tiny bit).

    Unfortunately, sometimes a metal blade bracket gets bent slightly around the arc of the circle, in those cases, replace all 4-5 brackets (which is where he said the majority of the balancing problems can be resolved).

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    pennies and duct tape...