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    Well, I can't get into DairyGoatsPlus again. :bash:

    We put 18 of our does and bucks together on 8/18/05. 17 of them are due between January 17th and January 29th, or so I thought (one was killed). I noticed heats in Elegance on that day. I had her as the first doe due on January 17th(21 days from now).
    May and Baby were standing the next day (being mounted by Iris our herd queen). They were exposed to two bucks, unfortunately. Our Boer/Saanen and one of the Nubian bucks (we had three this year).

    Here is my problem. May is not going to make it to January 18th. But I saw her mounted by the Nubian on the 21st. However there were quite a few does in heat that same day and so it is quite possible she was simply excited. She is sacked up fairly well (first freshening two year old Nubian/Boer). She had white thick discharge this afternoon so I brought her up to the cow barn where they will be kidding. The kids feel as though they are full term this evening. So if she settled a heat cycle prior, tomorrow would be day 150. I gave her her CD/T shot on the 21st of this month. Is the passive immunity non existent since she will probably kid before a week and a half after receiving her shot?
    It is possible for her to be due this early. We had six bucks we were trying to keep contained this year. Three Nubians, a Boer, a Boer/Saanen and a Boer/Saanen/Pygmy (not one of our breeding bucks he was being kept for another and he ended up being castrated).
    The Boer/Saanen and the Boer/Saanen/Pygmy were both contained in an inescapeable pen at the point she would have been bred. The three Nubians and the Boer were not. One of Nubians kept getting out and eventually he ended up with the other two bucks. The remaining three stayed in the pen. I strongly suspect she is settled to the largest Nubian at that time. It doesn't matter really who she as settled to, however, I am concerned about the passive immunity.

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    In this case here it would be to your best interest to feed them some frozen heat treated colustrum. Try to borrow some, and try to save some from your older heavyier milker's this year that are cd&t'd in the correct timing, so that next year you're set to go. You can of course give antitoxin's if you need to. Like tetanus antitoxin before you dissbud.

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    she should be okay. We managed to get some of ours that late and the kids were all okay.