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I will do some research on that but I don't beleive it's happening because it's not our regulations but yours that prevent any Canadian cattle from moving across the border. It's all based on WHO regulations that we all agreed to and a policy that Canada and the US worked out when Foot & Mouth hit EU. The only thing I know of crossing the border at this time is boneless cuts of animals under 30 months(I think that's the age). I'm quite sure of my facts because the border and BSE were one of the key topics our new Prime Minister and Mr. Bush spoke of in their meeting in the last couple days and Bush agreed to look into the matter but made no promises. I know that our auctions are still selling on the premise that nothing is crossing and our prices are still quite down. It would also occur to me that the Holstein came from Canada and nothing is going to cross till there is some direct link to how she contracted the disease. Essentially, I really doubt if it's possible for any steers to cross, the US wouldn't even allow Canadian rodeo bulls to travel to the National Finals, even with a solid plan for quarantine and isolation when they were to be at the rodeo. If you hear anything more, it would be wonderful if you could share any information with us.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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